‘Turkish Youth Association UK’ was established in October 2018 with the participation of young people who were born and are living in the UK and who are currently studying in the UK. At the reception where the President Nafiya Horozoğlu and three members were present, Minister Özersay was given information about the establishment, contacts and activities of the association.

Indicating that the association has taken an important step in respect of uniting the new generation Minister Özersay said: “This will be very beneficial in terms of understanding the agenda, priorities and problems faced by the young people in the UK”. Özersay also expressed that this factor will contribute to the ‘Project of Turkish Cypriots Living Abroad’ and very successful tasks can be achieved in cooperation. Özersay also said that those people who have not lost their identity can be the most effective lobby for the promotion of a country in terms of art, politics and sports. Özersay hoped that the association will be able to reach more people.