Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay said that the opening of Derinya and Aplıç gates is a positive development but there are some other issues which should receive attention.

Attending the ‘Gündem Artı Programme’ on BRT by telephone, Özersay evaluated the opening of the Derinya and Aplıç gates and replied to the questions. Özersay stressed that all ministries associated with the issue had spent great effort for the opening of Derinya and Aplıç gates.

“The fact that the border crossings opened up simultaneously pleases us” Özersay added. Stating that they will also support the opening of other gates when the conditions are suitable, Özersay said that we as the Turkish Cypriot side called the Greek Cypriot side a few times previously regarding the issue but we have not received any response from the Greek Cypriot side. Expressing that Greek Cypriot side makes discrimination regarding border crossings by the TRNC citizens, Özersay said that without prejudice to the exceptions, the Greek Cypriot side does not allow a great part of the TRNC citizens who originate from Turkey to pass to South Cyprus and this situation disturbs us.

Pointing out that this unfair procedure is continuing by the Greek Cypriot Administration, Özersay said “I wish that in the following process, the Greek Cypriot side looks more positively on our proposals and further steps are taken on the issue”.