Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Hakan Dinçyürek said that Turkish Cypriot side still holds its commitment to result oriented, structured negotiation process as the Joint Declaration sets forth adding that they believe with a condensed negotiation process which is supported with confidence building measures, it will be possible to reach a solution by the end of 2015.

Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Hakan Dinçyürek who attended 42ndSession of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation organized in Kuwait made a speech on behalf of the TRNC. Dinçyürek thanked members of Organization of Islamic Cooperation for their support on Turkish Cypriots rightful case and made a call to member states to increase their solidarity with the Turkish Cypriots.

Dinçyürek who also asked for concrete steps to remove unfair isolations on the Turkish Cypriots, wished for development of bilateral relations at areas like trade, transportation,  tourism, culture, education and sports.

Furthermore, Dincyürek mentioned his belief about steps taken in this direction will motivate Greek Cypriots for reaching a solution without more delay.