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In its editorial Cyprus Mail published in the South Cyprus stressed today that Anastasiades has got an ample justification not to invite the Greek Cypriot party EDEK leader Sizopoulos to another National Council meeting. Cyprus Mail stressed that a leader that has so brazenly betrayed the trust of the Greek Cypriot leader has no place sitting at meetings and added “In fact he should never have been there once his party decided that it was opposed to a federal settlement. Sizopoulos could not make a meaningful contribution to meetings given that his objective is the failure of the talks. Anastasiades should not be afraid to ban this untrustworthy and irresponsible leader from future meetings of the National Council.”

Greek Cypriot Daily Cyprus Mail also recorded Anastasidis’s statement related with EDEK Leader in its headlines today. The newspaper stressed that Nicos Anastasiades on Thursday appeared not to rule out calling a halt to briefing party leaders at the National Council following the breach of protocol by EDEK leader Marinos Sizopoulos who publicised parts of the minutes on Wednesday.

Anastasiades who was asked to touch on the subject during a televised interview on Greek Cypriot CyBC on Thursday night, which for the first time featured questions from the public via Twitter, said: “I am thinking hard about whether to continue briefing party leaders at the National Council, or to hold private, one-on-one meetings with them.”

He slammed Sizopoulos for acting ‘irresponsibly’ though EDEK has threatened to go public with even more inside information from the regular briefings to party leaders by Anastasiades.

“We cannot air what we discuss among us,” said Anastasiades. “Do you know of any other major negotiations, for instance the US-Iran talks, which were made public even as they were happening?”

It was not a case of revealing classified information, but rather of honouring a gentlemen’s agreement to keep certain matters confidential for the time being, he added.

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