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Minister of National Education Kemal Dürüst met with Vice Prime Minister of Republic of Turkey Bülent Arınç in Ankara. Arınç told at the meeting that took place at Çankaya Mansion that TRNC is growing, developing, getting stronger and Turkey is always beside her brothers doing everything she can for their economic welfare, development and steady growth. Saying that their meeting is mostly about high school education and ideas about higher education Arınç emphasized: “There are important sectors in Cyprus at the point of not only tourism and economy but also education. There are 75 thousand university students in the island that has population of 300 thousand. We know that we have 11-12 universities here. TRNC achieved success in higher education with valuable students that come from Turkey, TRNC and from other countries. TRNC has become one of the respected establishments in our region with her universities that has education of high quality.” Vice Prime Minister Arınç told that, they are going to meet with Minister Dürüst about support for universities in the TRNC and some universities in Turkey opening headquarters in TRNC.

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