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After a two year standstill a new chapter was opened for Turkey in the accession negotiations to the European Union (EU) yesterday. Chapter 17 on “Economic and Monetary Policy” was opened with the intergovernmental conference in Brussels. Chapter 17 involves the implementation of the Maastricht economic criteria on debt and deficit, along with the independence of the National Central Bank.Presiding Minister Asselborn, of the EU rotating presidency welcomed this event, together with Enlargement Commissioner Hahn.

Turkey, being represented by three cabinet members, the Deputy Prime Minister amongst them, was applauded by the EU side. Deputy Prime Minister Şimşek made a series of statements on the accession process, saying that Turkey will do whatever it takes to become a member of the EU, while Ministers Volkan and Çavuşoğlu reiterated that the only choice that should be on the table is that of full membership.

The three cabinet members, presented to an audience of journalists and diplomats all the cooperation sectors between the EU and Turkey, the benefits for both sides, the fight against terrorism, the migration crisis and more, and expressed the hope that additional chapters would be opened soon.

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