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UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide called civil society on both sides of Cyprus to encourage their leaders for an agreement. Eide said “Don’t forget that the future of Cyprus is in your hands. This shouldn’t be just in the hands of elected leaders”.

Eide and the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative in Cyprus Lisa Buttenheim hosted a reception yesterday towards civil society and gave speeches about representation of woman.

Eide stated that, the talks that were cut off from the half of past year will restart again in a short time, in the future while history is being written, this crisis will be evaluated as a necessary crisis for returning to actual negotiations. Expressing that both leaders are willing to restart the negotiations Eide said “The purpose to solve the Cyprus problem is for future generations. We worked on it together with my team and we saw there is no even a single issue which cannot be resolve. I have seen people killing each other in other parts of the world. I thought on how to solve such problems, however here I don’t have that sense, and everyone knows how the problem will be solved”. (Kıbrıs newspaper)

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