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It was stated that, in his letter to the school’s Board of Directors, Secretary General of Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Trade Union and also a member of British School’s Board of Directors Şener Elcil objected the school’s Vice Principle Andonis Andoniu being dismissed.

Greek Cypriot daily Politis noted that, in his letter, Elcil emphasized that Andoniu was dismissed without any disciplinary proceeding and warned that this matter has danger of gaining a political dimension.

According to the news, in the letter that was also sent to the Greek Administration, Elcil noted that Andoniu was known with his good relationships with Turkish Cypriots and his determinant role in the “re-participation of Turkish Cypriot students to the school”.

Noting that serving both Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, British School is an unwanted school for “fanatic supporters of pro-division” Elcil emphasized that, even a slightest chance must not be given to the people who wants to use this matter in their political goals.

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