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CTP-BG General Secretary Tufan Erhürman underlined that the solution should be the primary law of the EU.

Tufan Erhürman indicated that they cannot say that the EU Chapter is over before this issue is solved. “If the primary law is not realized, people can apply to the European Court for many cases after a solution.”

Stating that Turkish Cypriots are not in the position as they were in 2004, Erhürman said that “Starting point of the process is not really attractive. The economy of the South side is not better than before. To be a member of the EU is not actually important because they are taking the advantage of the EU rights. On the other hand, there is the decision of Dimopulos, thus the situation rolled completely over.”

Erhürman also said that there are some developments under the titles of governance and power sharing in the negotiations, but the critical point is the title of execution.

Emphasizing that they are favouring equality regarding the rotating presidency, Erhürman stated that they are at the point of reaching a settlement in issue of citizenship.

Moreover Erhürman said that there is flexibility in the Greek side about the position of the people who came from Turkey. Erhürman said: “It can be seen that there is an improvement in this issue. The Greek side gave up their ex-discourse. It was actually not an idea suitable for human rights.”

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