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President and independent presidential candidate Dr. Derviş Eroğlu made a statement to the press following the announcement of the election results and celebrated Mustafa Akinci who won the election and wished him success.

Eroğlu stated that the election held yesterday is the last political election he took part and added that the people gave message to the political parties rather than him. Eroğlu pointed out that he will not abandon politics and continue to express his opinions.
Derviş Eroğlu referred what he did for the negotiations during his post and stated that he will always feel honored with the point achieved.
Eroğlu thanked everybody who supported him and expressed that if there is any duty that should be fulfilled he will be ready for this. Eroğlu said “This is the last election that I take part, I explained this in advance. The phase of my political life to be elected or not to be elected is ended with this election”.
Stating that rather than him, the political parties should receive message from results of the election, President Eroğlu said “The citizens gave a message to the political parties not to Eroğlu. There are lessons that should be taken by the political parties, I hope they do”.
Eroğlu celebrated Mustafa Akinci and stated that if Akinci requests, he will consult with him and share his opinions concerning the negotiations.

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