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The 3rd President, Derviş Eroğlu, stated that during the negotiation process, it is necessary to inform the Turkish Cypriots about the realities, and that the TRNC State should be protected until reaching a solution in Cyprus. Eroğlu stressed that the guarantee and alliance agreements should continue for the future of the Turkish Cypriot people.

In his statement to Radio Güven, Eroğlu expressed that during his presidency, the issue of property was discussed for 6-7 months at the negotiations and he refused the view of the Greek Cypriot side as “The priority is first owner” because it means that Turkish Cypriots will have no right on their properties.

Furthermore, adding that an agreement text should be issued, Eroğlu said that the issue of property disturbs the Turkish Cypriot people. “If still, today, the issue of return is discussed at the negotiation table and the first right will belong to the first owner, of course Turkish Cypriots will be disturbed” Eroğlu added.

Stressing that the property issue should be discussed globally not one by one, Eroğlu said that if the Property Compensation Commission starts to discuss the issues separately, it will continue at least for 50-60 years. Eroğlu also pointed out that the Greek Cypriot Administration is following different policies in and out of the country.

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