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President Spokesman Osman Ertuğ published a press statement about Greek Cypriot Spokesman Hristodulides’s claims.

Ertuğ said, “After Greek Cypriot Spokesman Hristodulides’s latest claims, Greek Cypriot side has bring a whole new dimension to the campaign of diverting the public opinion with twisting the facts and blaming.”

Saying, “Greek Cypriot Spokesman acts like he forgot that they are the ones who left the table with baseless excuses and persistent on not returning to the table. Yet they claim that they are showing all efforts to ‘restart the negotiations’ and creating a ‘positive setting’. Apart from being inconsistent, these claims are also far away from sincerity”, Ertuğ indicated that he desires, as President Eroğlu stated at various occasions, that Turkish Cypriots are on the table and Anastasiadis must let his persistence go and return back to the table with no prerequisite.

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