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Indicating that direct trade should be made possible under equal conditions with the EU countries through Gazimagusa Port, Presidential Spokesperson Osman Ertug said: “We expect from the EU to overcome the Greek Cypriot obstacles and open the way for Turkish Cypriots to make direct trade with the EU.”

Answering a question, Ertug emphasized that direct trade with the EU countries is a right of the Turkish Cypriots.

Ertug: “Direct trade is our right; expecting a concession in return for this, even demanding Maras which is part of a comprehensive settlement is the product of distortion policy carried on by the Greek Cypriot side and it is aimed at changing the agenda.”

Osman Ertug said that Direct Trade Regulation is blocked by the Greek Cypriot side and expressed that overcoming this obstacle is not only the responsibility of the EU but is their ethical obligation towards the Turkish Cypriot people.

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