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Presidential spokesman Osman Ertuğ attended a television program and evaluated the latest developments on the Cyprus issue. Ertuğ said that UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide represents International Community but he has almost been declared as persona non grata in the South Cyprus. Ertuğ added “There is a new process in the future. Negotiations will continue from the stage where they were left off”. Ertuğ also stressed that both sides should work intensively to continue the process in a constructive and result oriented manner.

Furthermore, Ertuğ said that it has been observed clearly that the world has followed Turkish Cypriots’ solution strategy. 6 months was a great loss because very important developments could have been realized during that process, even a referendum point could have been reached. It was seen once more that Turkish Cypriot side follows a strategy of reconciliation. Underlining that the target is to hold a referendum within 2015, Ertuğ said that it will be understood at the negotiation table whether it is possible or not.

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