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Presidential spokesman Osman Ertuğ said that Greek Foreign Ministry spokesman Konstandinos Kutras’ statement “There is a single State in Cyprus” was a denial of the reality and towards ignoring Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which was established with the free will of Turkish Cypriot people.

 In his written statement made yesterday, Ertuğ said: “Mr. Kutras is mixing up the presence of a state with the political subject recognition to each other on purpose and trying to impose on us the so called ‘Cyprus Republic’ which they exclude Turkish Cypriots by force of arms and extorted in 1963”.

Expressing that despite the change of Government in Greece, this type of monopolistic statements show that Greece’s policy about Cyprus hasn’t changed, Ertuğ said “However, we expected more constructive approaches from the new government”.

Furthermore, Ertug said that the Greek Foreign Ministry spokesman was reacting to Eroglu’s statements that there were two equal and sovereign sides on the island; however this kind of action was a violation of the spirit of the joint statement.

Ertuğ also expressed “The New Greek Government should respect to the Joint Statement and convince the Greek Cypriot side to return to the negotiation table without precondition”.

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