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Presidential Spokesperson Osman Ertuğ said “The hydrocarbon issue should be a catalyzer for consensus not a reason for conflict “and added “We invite Greek Cypriot authorities to abandon the accusations and tactical games and to find the right way as immediate as possible”.

Osman Ertuğ drew attention to the Greek Cypriot side’s misleading and unsupported propaganda against Turkish Cypriot side’s just reaction to the Greek Cypriot unilateral hydrocarbon exploration activities. Ertuğ added that Greek Cypriot side is attempting to attribute blame on the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey to cover their responsibility of leaving the negotiations . He emphasized that both the statements of Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiadis made following the meeting with the leaders of Greek Cypriot political parties on 5 January and the statements of Greek Cypriot spokesperson Nikos Hristodulides are the parts of the game showing the Turkish Cypriot side accused.

Ertuğ said “Greek Cypriot side should return to the negotiating table without preconditions. We are already at the negotiating table. If they want to carry on their activities, they can, we can carry on too, but we have to meet at the negotiating table and solve the Cyprus problem as soon as possible”.

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