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Wendy Hough who visited St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Girne 10 years ago and was fascinated, is now the Chaplain at this Church.

In a joint interview with Havadis and Cyprus Weekly newspaper, the Revd. Wendy Hough reported her living as a female Chaplain and talked about her activities, her life and views in Cyprus.

Hough stated that it hadn’t been easy to be accepted as a female Chaplain by both her colleagues and visitors.

She added: “When the people think about a priest, they are expecting an old man with a beard. This is the image in everyone’s mind. However, the perception of many people has changed in time.

Hough also pointed out that especially when Filipino women living in Girne met with her, they are very surprised and she also said that this has caused the women to feel more powerful. They realized that this was normal and they now begin to pray.

Moreover, Hough mentioned that many people had overcome their prejudice now and accepted her.

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