Foreign Minister Emine Çolak, received a delegation from the Near East University (NEU).

Courtesy visit of the delegation to Minister Çolak under the presidency of Chairman of Board of Trustees of NEU, İrfan Suat Günsel realized at 03.00 PM.

İrfan Suat Günsel wished Çolak a successful term of office and said that the purpose of this courtesy visit was to inform about the upcoming academic year.

Saying that student enrollment at the universities in the TRNC increased by 58 percent, Günsel stated that the reason is students coming from Turkey.

Emphasizing that now more qualified students are choosing to study in the TRNC, Günsel stated that the quality of Health Sciences department and related subjects has significant influence on the increase.

Foreign Minister Emine Çolak said that the increase in student enrollment is a good news and that it affects everything in a positive way. Stating that those who come to the country and spend some time here become a representative of the TRNC in a way when they return to their country, Çolak emphasized the importance of some of these people coming back to the island later as a tourist.

Çolak expressed that she wants to talk with Günsel on several topics, such as if they are ready to keep up with the increase and what the reason for the increase is.

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