Foreign Minister Emine Çolak received the delegation that consists of the Head of Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (TCCC) Fikri Toros and members of the Board of Directors.

Foreign Minister Emine Çolak emphasized that TCCC is one of the leading and significant organizations.

Saying that serving faithfully as Foreign Minister can be only be possible with benefiting from every resource and cooperating, Çolak stated that these resources are trade, culture, arts, sports and education.

Çolak emphasized that the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce has an important role in the works that are being conducted to be able to work broadly, express and introduce ourselves, make the outside world see our needs and problems, make progress in the Cyprus problem and reach at a settlement.

Saying that strength can be gained by combining their experience, Çolak stated that she is happy about exchanging views with the chamber.

Fikri Toros stated that the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce does not only work on studies about economic issues, but the chamber also undertakes all the lobbying works the international community carries out. Stating that the chamber works in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry and the Presidency as well, Toros said that one of the main reasons of economic problems that the Turkish Cypriot community is facing is that the Cyprus problem is not settled yet and because of that, the community cannot open onto the international market.

Toros said that the continuation of the problem also makes the trade in the country not reach the desired level, and that it continuously hinders the competitiveness.

Stating that the ongoing lobbying works have a direct impact on the economy as well, Toros said: “We will make sure that the following developments are in favor of the Turkish Cypriot economy and the business community. It is vital for us that a possible settlement, which is based on equal conditions of competition, would make the Turkish Cypriot business community survive and exploit equally the gains that a settlement would bring.”

Toros stated that he wants to exchange views with the Minister on how to be more active in these issues and the process of harmonizing with the European Union, which is expected to gain momentum.