TRNC Foreign Affairs Ministry and Islamic Centre for Development of Trade (ICDT) will organize a joint workshop themed “Export Promotion and Investment Strategies in the context of Globalization”.

Director General of ICDT El Hassane Hzaine, high level officials of the Ministries responsible for Economy and Trade in member and observer countries of OIC, the experts serving within the structure of ICDT and the academicians from TRNC universities will attend the workshop which will take place at the Near East University (NEU) on 3rdMarch.

Following reading of verses from the holy Quran, TRNC Foreign Affairs Minister Özdil Nami, Rector of NEU, Representative of IDB Group and Director General of ICDT El Hassane Hzaine will give speeches and a documentary film show will be performed at the opening of the workshop.

The workshop will end after the evaluation to be made at 17:00 and the presentation of certificates of attendance on 5 March Wednesday.