Within the scope of his contacts in the TRNC, H.E. Mr. Volkan Bozkır, EU Minister and Chief Negotiator of the Republic of Turkey, met with Foreign Minister Emine Çolak.

During the meeting, Minister Bozkır described as an honour the fact that his first official visit abroad since the assumption of his duties as EU Minister of the 64th Government of the Republic of Turkey has been made to the TRNC, and pointed out that 2016 will be an important year for both countries. Minister Bozkır emphasized that the most important aspect of the Cyprus issue in Turkey’s perspective is that a settlement is reached in the form of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation based on political equality, as desired by the Turkish Cypriots, in which they can look to the future knowing that the past will not repeat itself. Adding that significant developments have taken place in Turkey – EU relations and that parts of the process which were moving along slowly have gained momentum, Minister Bozkır stated that he chose to visit the TRNC prior to the EU Commission to demonstrate that Turkey is fully beside the TRNC.

During her speech, Foreign Minister Emine Çolak expressed her pleasure to host EU Minister Bozkır and his delegation, adding that their meeting will consist of three main headings. Çolak stated that they will discuss the role of the EU in the ongoing negotiation process, as well as the committee which was established under the umbrella of the negotiations, adding that they will engage in an exchange of views regarding what sorts of legislations are necessary from the TRNC Government and Parliament to expedite the process. Stating that she will also inform EU Minister Bozkır regarding the issues which may potentially arise during the settlement and post settlement processes, Minister Çolak thanked Minister Bozkır and his delegation for their cooperation.