Minister of Foreign Affairs Emine Çolak said that a hopeful period has been reached on the Cyprus problem and all citizens of the island should preserve it.

In her interview to weekly Greek Cypriot Kathimerini, Çolak emphasized that both sides need to move away from maximalist demands and asked the Greeks to review their demands once again, adding that guarantees should not delay a solution in Cyprus. According to the news, Çolak emphasized that there were periods in the past that negotiations has been broken, but today, intensified negotiations has been in progress and this is very important.

Indicating that they are facing with a process where the solution perspective was on the focus Çolak stated that the impression in the two communities on the island is in this direction and this impression should not be dynamited. Mentioning the issue of property, Çolak said that this issue is very sensitive, there are people from both sides of the island who have lost their properties, and this issue has economic dimensions and legal relationship in terms of human rights.

Furthermore, Çolak said that the European Court of Human Rights gave a series of important decisions about property, adding that her personal opinion is that these decisions could form the basis for a solution.  As an answered to a question about the Turkey origin citizens Çolak said that there should be no discrimination between the people; it is not possible to ignore the rights of the people who were born in Cyprus and know this country as their own land. Regarding the natural gas on the island, Çolak stated that the both sides of the island have sensitivity on this issue. Foreign Minister Çolak also stated she believes that Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades gives the message that he wants to see this wealth to be shared equally to all Cypriots, adding that this wealth should not create tension.