Minister of Foreign Affairs Emine Çolak received Naci Koru, the deputy Foreign Minister of Turkey and his accompanying delegations who have been on the island for the purpose of “Strengthening the information technology infrastructure of the TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” “providing safe and speedy communication”, “transferring the ministry archive to the digital system”.

During the meeting, Çolak said “Today is an important day for us” adding that the project has been prepared for providing a secure IT infrastructure to the Foreign Ministry of TRNC. Minister Çolak also said that Turkey is an example for that.

Stating that this project will enable easier access by the foreign representation offices to the documents of the Ministry, Çolak added: “The technical and physical support that we will get is important for using modern technology at utmost level”. Emphasizing the continuation and improvement of strong relations with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Çolak stressed “Taking technical and physical support in the issues that we can experience difficulties in TRNC conditions is important for us”.

Emphasizing the importance they attached to informatics and security as Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Deputy Minister Naci Koru mentioned the importance of IT technologies in daily works.

Furthermore, Naci Koru expressed purposes of the IT project in TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs as, “strengthening the IT infrastructure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”, “providing safe and quick communication between center and foreign representations” and “transferring Foreign Ministry’s archive to the digital system”.

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