Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu met with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu.

Following the meeting in his statement to the press Minister Ertuğruloğlu said: “The international community has to decide whether or not it will continue to the unfair treatment and discrimination against the Turkish Cypriot people. Either they will show the courage and stance to open a new page on the Cyprus issue, or they will persist with their determination to continue their unfair policies towards the Turkish Cypriot people, and then it will be revealed that the parties standing before us with the demand for agreement in Cyprus are not sincere in an agreement.”


Regarding the 5+UN informal Cyprus meeting to be held in Geneva, Ertuğruloğlu reiterated that the only agenda of the meeting is to reveal whether the parties have a common ground for a future negotiation or not.

Ertuğruloğlu said: “If there is such a basis that has a chance and from which we can gain results, then the process for negotiation will be on the agenda, otherwise we will move on towards a new, healthy process that will prevent spending another 50-100 years in vain.”

Ertuğruloğlu said, “We have come to a stage that it will be clear whether the international community will give up its stance based on misdiagnosis on the Cyprus issue, which started in 1964,” and he continued his speech as follows:

“If it is planned to create one legal Cyprus, it should first be accepted that there are two separate States in Cyprus. As long as it is insisted on the claim that “ there is only one Cyprus, and its government is legal, and it is a member of the EU and the UN” I would like to emphasize that, it should once again be revealed that under these conditions, there is no chance for any reconciliation formula in Cyprus, no matter how many years it is negotiated. “

Minister Ertuğruloğlu said, “The Turkish Cypriots will continue their way with the desire to achieve success in the national cause in the Eastern Mediterranean together with the motherland Turkey.”

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu stated that he has been in the TRNC to exchange views ahead of the 5 + UN informal meeting to be held in Geneva at the end of this month, the last meeting before going to Geneva will be held in Ankara and then they plan to go to Switzerland together.

Reminding Turkey’s position on the Cyprus issue, Minister Çavuşoğlu stated “As we said in the past there will no longer be negotiations for a federation. We stand behind our words and this is not a rigid attitude or stubbornness. We have negotiated federation for 53 years, and Turkey and the TRNC have been in a very constructive approach for 53 years and shown good intentions but the Greek Cypriot side does not want to share anything with the Turkish Cypriot people and its supporter Greece has rejected all solution proposals either in referendum or on the table.

Çavuşoğlu said that the Greek Cypriot side was rewarded as a result of the unsuccessful negotiations that lasted for 53 years and on the other hand the Turkish Cypriot people were punished and he added “We no longer have to tolerate this”.

The two Ministers emphasized the continuation of cooperation between the two Ministries.