Minister of Foreign Affairs Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu answered the questions of German news channel Deutsche Welle (DW) Turkish on some issues such as the developments with hydrocarbon resources in the Eastern Mediterranean region and the relations of the USA with Greece and the Greek Cypriot Administration. 

Asked to comment on the heightening of tensions in the region as well as by the US to arm Greece and Greek Cypriot Administration, Minister Ertuğruloğlu said “It is an obvious development that tensions are rising slightly in the Eastern Mediterranean but it is not surprising. We have been saying from the beginning; any move that ignores the Turkish Cypriots and the Motherland Türkiye and aims to usurp the interests of Türkiye and the Turkish Cypriots will not be allowed. All necessary measures will be taken in this direction. While steps are taken to threaten our security, we will continue to do whatever needs to be done together with guarantor country Türkiye. Drones are already known, they are deployed at the airport. I have stated before; I think a naval base should be established.” 

Regarding the Cyprus policy of the USA, Ertuğruloğlu stressed “It is said that ‘the US used to pursue a more balanced policy’. I don’t think it was very balanced than either. It is well known how influential the Greek lobby in America is. It is also a reality that the Pentagon is also trying to balance that effective Greek lobby. But the Greek Cypriots have always been seen in a more advantageous position than us, not only in the USA but also in the whole Western world. The embargoes and inhuman isolation measures imposed on us do not bother anyone. It is the UN Security Council that created the Cyprus problem, that is, its five permanent members. Turkish Cypriots have always been disadvantaged and only Türkiye supports the Turkish Cypriots.” 

Also touching upon the issue of Russia’s opening an office in the TRNC, Ertuğruloğlu said “The idea of Russians to open an office or representative office in the TRNC is on the agenda. Last year, the staff of the Russian Embassy in South Cyprus visited our ministry to inquire about the procedures for opening such an office in the North. They can open an office here. We have no objections, but this does not mean Russia will be recognizing the TRNC.” 

In response to a question about whether he expects a new development regarding hydrocarbon resources in the Eastern Mediterranean in the coming period, Ertuğruloğlu said that Greece and the Greek Cypriots completely ignore the rights of the Turkish Cypriots in the Eastern Mediterranean but no development in the Eastern Mediterranean can ignore the rights of Türkiye and the Turkish Cypriots.