In an environment where positive signals were coming with regard to finding a comprehensive solution for the Cyprus issue, TRNC Foreign Minister Özdil Nami came together with the EU Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Füle. Nami said: “I can say there is a new atmosphere towards a solution on the island”.

Replying the questions following the meeting, Nami stated that there was a positive atmosphere about the joint statement prepared by the two sides and continued as: “They have been waiting for this for a long time. Rising of the hope for a solution activated the EU Commission. I can say that there is a closer interest about Cyprus”.

Expressing: “There is no reason for not reaching a positive stage in a short time”. Nami said: “The prepared joint statement is much more detailed than the previous ones, has a broader content, includes some agreements which were not included in the past and will be a historical statement. We hope this will make the negotiations progress more quickly”.