On the last day of his Washington contacts, Foreign Minister Özdil Nami was hosted by Alsparslan Esmer at the studios of Voice of America, one of the most prominent broadcasting institutions of the United States. During the program, Foreign Minister Nami conveyed information pertaining to the Cyprus issue, the negotiation process, the role of the U.S. in the region and the impact of hydrocarbon reserves around the Island on the Cyprus issue.
Also within the framework of his Washington contacts, Foreign Minister Nami participated yesterday in a panel discussion and made a presentation at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies with the participation of experts on our region from various organizations. During his presentation, Minister Nami underlined the pertinence of the United States treating both sides of the Island equally in order to be able to truly support the negotiation process and contribute to a solution. Minister Nami added that any step taken unilaterally and in disregard of this balance can be detrimental to the process. Foreign Minister Nami expressed that in the event that a solution to the Cyprus issue is found, a solution can contribute significantly to reducing the existing tensions in the region.

Minister Nami expressed that his Washington contacts have been beneficial in terms of relaying messages pertaining to the Cyprus negotiations and perspectives on a settlement, and that the United States is closely following the Cyprus issue and negotiation process.