Foreign Minister Özdil Nami donated 50 thousand  US dollars to the The Committee on Missing Persons (CMP).

Nami received the Turkish Cypriot Member of the Committee  Gülden Plümer Küçük and the UN Member to the Committee Paul-Henry Arni at the ministry on 29.11.2013 and presented them the cheque of 50  thousand US dollars.

Speaking during the meeting, Paul-Henry Arni thanked Foreign Minister Özdil Nami and stated that the donations were very crucial for the sustainability of the works of CMP. Arni also said this year they took a risk by expanding their operations without being sure of the budget.

Arni stated that 2013 was a very fruitful year as they have been able to identify 125 remains and have spent 200 thousand Euros for these studies.

Foreign Minister Özdil Nami stated that this meeting took place to reiterate once more their support to the works of the CMP and to give financial support.

Nami further stated that many people had lost their lives between the period of 1963-1974 and CMP was doing an important task for finding, identifying and returning the remains of the missing persons to the families.

Minister Nami stating that both  the TRNC and Turkey made several donations to the committee and the anthropology laboratory before, added that the donations would continue.

Nami also invited the people to cooperate with the committee and to share the knowledge, which would help to speed up the process. Özdil Nami also said that the information provided to the committee would be protected by the state within the principle of confidentiality.

Özdil Nami adding that there were around 100 remains that were yet to be identified, said DNA tests carried great importance for the identification process and asked the relatives of the missing persons to give blood samples for the DNA tests.