Foreign Minister Özdil Nami expressed that the resolution of the Cyprus problem will contribute to the proliferation of peace and economic input in the region, including Greece, and stated his hope that the new government of Greece will encourage the Greek Cypriot administration to work towards a settlement.

Foreign Minister Özdil Nami assessed to an AA journalist the results of the early general elections, which took place in Greece on Sunday, and the establishment of the government by Alexis Tsipras.

Wishing the people of Greece well in relation to the results of the election, Minister Nami pointed out that the people of Greece have gone through a difficult time in search of stability and thus expect radical precautions to be taken by the newly established government. Nami stated “We hope that this new government will be able to implement policies which will meet the expectations of the Greek people”.

Minister Nami further stated “It is up to Greece to decide whether she will fulfil her own responsibilities pertaining to the Cyprus issue”, and expressed that for a long time, Greece has appeared preoccupied with her own internal matters rather than with making a positive contribution to the Cyprus problem.

Indicating that Greece, as a guarantor country, has responsibilities regarding the Cyprus problem, Foreign Minister Özdil Nami stated:
“UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon is conducting a good offices mission. It is expected that the UN contributes to the settlement of the Cyprus problem. The Report regarding the UN Peacekeeping Mission has been published. We are now waiting for the Security Council Resolution. UN Special Advisor Espen Barth Eide has expressed that he will continue working, that the sides want to return to the negotiating table, and that all relevant actors wish to contribute towards this end. For this reason, we expect Greece to rapidly make a contribution to the negotiating table and support the process”.

“We Hope They Will Encourage The Greek Cyprıot Leader”
Özdil Nami expressed his hope that relations between Turkey and Greece will improve after the formation of a new government in Greece, and added that “Greece is a country which supports Turkey’s EU membership. We hope that the new government will strengthen this support. It is a known fact that the economic relations between Turkey and Greece are very important. The continuation of the Cyprus problem prevents these relations from reaching their full potential. Greece needs this more than Turkey. We hope that Greece, bearing in mind that the solution of the Cyprus problem based on a just basis would contribute positively to relations between Turkey and Greece, will give the necessary encouragement to the Greek Cypriot leader who has withdrawn from the negotiating table. We are continuing to give messages of friendship and peace. Turkey and Greece are two countries which should have exceptional neighbourhood relations and mutual interests. This should also reflect on Cyprus. Turkey has made significant strides in this regard. Greece should carry out her responsibilities in order for these strides to reach a better stage and for them to have a positive impact on Cyprus.”