Foreign Minister Özdil Nami gave a conference at the Foreign Ministry to the academics who are invited to our country in order to participate in the ‘Search and rescue Exercise – 2014’ organized by the TRNC Civil Defense Organization and the International Universities Search and Rescue Council.
Foreign Minister Nami briefed the academics about the Cyprus problem and pointed out that Republic of Cyprus established in 1960 lasted only for 3 years due to the dream of Greek Cypriots to unite the island to Greece. Indicating that the atmosphere of conflict continued until 1974 when Turkey intervened as a guarantor country Nami said that the island was physically divided into two in 1974 and added that search for a federal solution started in 1977 with the agreement of both sides.

Pointing out that from past to present, studies have been done to establish a bi-communal, bi-zonal federal state but Greek Cypriots’ accession into the EU prevented this in 2004, FM Nami said that as a result of risk faced by the EU’s enlargement process, Greek Cypriot side’s demand for EU membership was accepted and Cyprus joined the EU as a divided country.

In his speech, referring to the joint statement approved by the leaders, FM Nami said that negotiations continuing in Cyprus should be concluded with a federal solution based on political equality of both people.

Stating that exploration of hydrocarbon reserves around the island which will open ways for economic and political cooperation and make contribution to regional stability will be an important factor in solution of the Cyprus problem, FM Nami wished the year of 2014 to be the year of solution.