The Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami said that a chance should be given to the efforts spent for reaching a comprehensive solution in the island.

FM Nami came together with the businessmen at the office of Turkish-German Chamber of Trade and Industry (TDIHK) in Berlin within the context of his Germany contacts yesterday and gave information regarding the negotiation process in Cyprus.

Giving a speech Nami reminded that last month an agreement was reached on a joint statement between President Eroğlu and the Greek Cypriot leader in Cyprus and besides the principal issues agreed on before, there were also new issues and this gave them hope and this should be utilized.

Indicating the referendum in 2004 for the Annan Plan, Nami said that Turkish side and the whole world supported the Annan Plan however the Greek Cypriot side opposed and thus unification was not realized. Nami also expressed that the TRNC has not been able to use the advantages of being an EU member and has been forced to continue living under the isolations.