Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami has started his high level contacts and bilateral meetings in Brussels. Foreign Minister Nami evaluated his Brussels contacts to BRT.

Within the framework of his Brussels contacts, Nami met with Turkey’s Permanent Representative and discussed the studies mutually.

Moreover, Nami had a meeting with a high level authority at the office of the European Union’s Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton and evaluated the latest stage reached at the negotiations and relations of the Turkish Cypriots with the EU.

Nami will also meet with EU Commissioner Responsible for Enlargement Stefan Fule. Stating that he will express the latest stage reached and the problems at the negotiations to Fule during their meeting, FM Nami said that they will also discuss EU harmonization works.

Nami added “Our EU harmonization works have been continuing. Financial Aid Regulation and Green Line Regulation are on the agenda. Problems regarding these regulations will be discussed. Following the joint statement, the President of European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso stated that Turkish Cypriots’ studies towards EU harmonization will be increased to a higher level. We will discuss their opinions and our demands to turn these into concrete steps.

Moreover, Nami stated that a working meeting will be realized with some of the permanent representatives of the EU member countries.