Foreign Minister Nami said that he is optimistic about the solution of the Cyprus problem and a last effort is needed for this.

Recording that there is a world weariness regarding the solution of the Cyprus problem Nami said that the Turkish side is trying to use this as an advantage. Nami also said that similarly the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon used statements as ‘one final push’ and ‘time framed effort’.

Foreign Minister Nami briefed the group of 93 young diplomats newly appointed to Turkish Foreign Ministry regarding the Cyprus problem and the policies being followed.

At the briefing which took place at the Foreign Ministry Nami mentioned the status gained by the Turkish Cypriot Community at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Organization of Economic Cooperation, European Parliament and European Council Parliamentary Assembly.

Foreign Minister Nami indicated that regardless of a solution or un-solution Turkish Cypriots can not continue to live isolated from the World. Nami expressed that Turkish Cypriots are continuing their way by building on the gains attained in full coordination with Turkey.

Answering the question whether he believes that there will be a solution in spite of the insincerity of the Greek Cypriots Nami said: “Greeks are considering same things like us; they also have some concerns coming from History.”
Recording that there will be single sovereignty in the partnership to be established in Cyprus and this is underlined in the joint statement Nami pointed out that there is also an article in the statement as: “No one can use power or authority over the other.” Nami also indicated that a system should be created in which agreements can not be violated and added that the mentality of the EU is preventing the world wars by establishing such balances.

Pointing out that both sides demand a solution in Cyprus and investigations show that 60% ‘yes’ vote at the Turkish side still remains, Nami expressed that there is the same inclination at the Greek side.

Answering another question Nami said that he expects demilitarization in the island up to the levels of 1960 partnership agreement and he added that he does not expect any change in the status of the British Bases.