Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami made evaluations on BRT regarding the last stage reached at the negotiation process and stressed that he is very anxious about the negotiation process. Stating that a great difference of opinion is expressed at the moment although there are very important developments in chapters of Governance and Power Sharing as well as the chapter of EU and Economy, FM Nami said that this is an indication that sides could not evaluate convergence papers in the past.

Stating that Greek Cypriot side does not respect for even convergence papers, FM Nami said that convergences have been established under the auspices of United Nations that is why UN should claim on these convergences. “Turkish Cypriot side should express their problems to the UN Secretary General and demand his direct active role” Nami added.

Moreover, adding that Greek Cypriot leader proved that he does not respect for the former convergences, Nami said “It is not realistic to start ‘give and take’ process in such an atmosphere. If Anastasiades continues his attitude in the same way, it is not possible to reach a good result at the negotiations.”

Evaluating the visit of US Vice President Joe Biden, Nami said that the visit is a wasted historical opportunity.