Foreign Minister Nami indicated that meeting of the leaders once a month and meeting of the negotiators once a week is not sufficient for reaching an agreement in the Cyprus issue.

In a program at BRTK yesterday, Foreign Minister Nami said related to an agreement in the island: “Expectations are too much in both sides. Both peoples are ready. In spite of all these, time is still needed for the process of give-and-take.”

Recording that time is needed for the process of give-and-take Nami said that it has been clear with the latest statements of the Greek Cypriots authorities  that they are not ready for this. Nami also said that the Greek Cypriot Administration slowed the process down, they cannot achieve anything with the monthly meetings and he added that this has been conveyed to the Greek side.

Nami: “Greek side has not approved this. Meeting once a week at the level of negotiators is not acceptable. This tempo should be speeded up.”