The Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami who held meetings with the congress members of US  House of Representatives the day before within the framework of his Washington contacts met with the Head of European Affairs Sub-Committee of the Congress Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Mr. Chris Murphy yesterday.


During the meeting, FM Nami explained the need of a solution in Cyprus. Stating that US’s contribution towards the process should continue, Mr. Nami pointed to the importance of the encouragement of both sides in Cyprus by the international actors.


Stating that the issue of Cyprus is on their agenda, US Senator Murphy stressed that they attach great importance to Cyprus and a solution in Cyprus due to its being important for the region.


As part of his contacts, Mr. Nami also gave briefings at the Hudson Institute and the Washington Institute and evaluated the latest stage reached at the Cyprus problem.


FM Nami also wrote an article regarding the Cyprus problem which was published in ‘The Washington Times’ newspaper yesterday.