Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami met with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu on Saturday (14 September 2013) in İstanbul.

Speaking before the meeting, which took place at Hilton Hotel, Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoğlu stated that Turkey would always and under every circumstances be by the side of Turkish Cypriots as well as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Referring to his meeting last Friday (13 September) with  Alexander Downer, the UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor  on Cyprus, Davutoğlu said they discussed the steps to be taken with regard to the negotiations and within this framework  his meeting with TRNC Foreign Minister was timely.

Expressing hope that also the Greek Cypriot side  would not miss this opportunity for reaching a settlement in Cyprus and  the belief  that  a comprehensive settlement would be possible, Davutoğlu said: “Republic of Turkey would always and under every circumstances be by the side of Turkish Cypriots and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Your tranquility, peace, prosperity and security means ours. I hope that we can  reach  a comprehensive settlement together”.

Speaking for his part , TRNC   Foreign  Affairs Minister Özdil Nami  pointed out that he paid his first  visit  abroad to Turkey as part of a  tradition, which he was proud and pleased to continue.

Underlining that the existing close cooperation and collaboration  with Turkey would continue Nami said : “The Cyprus issue  has reached   a very critical turning point. The Turkish Cypriot people  is rightfully demanding their legitimate status in the world to be  clarified. This political uncertainty  should not continue. We have a strong  desire  to integrate  with the rest of  world. We want the international community  to pay  close attention to this desire.”

Foreign Minister Nami emphasizing that  the Turkish Cypriot people  have  done their utmost to  reach a settlement in Cyprus said, Turkey has  always been  supporting these efforts.

Pointing out that   the  Greek Cypriot side   with its “no” vote  for the comprehensive  UN settlement plan caused an uncertainty in Cyprus, he said:

“It is high time for us   to put an end  to  this  situation in cooperation.  We strongly support a federal  solution in Cyprus. All our efforts are  directed  towards  this goal however,  naturally, this can only be possible with a positive response of the Greek Cypriot side. The Greek Cypriot  side  should  do it’s part and carry out its responsibilities. Aware of its responsibility, UN  should also support our positive  efforts. I have no doubt that we shall take these efforts forward  with cooperation.”

Meanwhile, speaking to Turkish news agency (TAK) , following  an hour long meeting Nami said,  they exchanged  views  and  discussed the recent phase reached in the  Cyprus  negotiations  and   the path to  be  followed in particular. Stating that   they also discussed how to shape the cooperation through joint steps Nami said, on 22 December,  he would be in New York with  President  Derviş Eroğlu. Foreign Minister Nami said   Mr.  Davutoğlu would also be in New York with his delegation and they agreed to continue to exchange views there.

Responding to a question whether Maraş  (Varoşa) issue   was discussed during his meeting with Davutoğlu, Nami said: “Maraş  is not an   agenda  point for us. We are in full consensus with Turkey that Maraş is part of a comprehensive settlement.”