Within the framework of his contacts in Ankara, Foreign Minister Özdil Nami met with the members of Diplomacy Correspondents Association today.

Minister Nami informed the members of Diplomacy Correspondents Association about the latest stage reached in the Cyprus problem.

In his speech at the meeting Minister Nami said: “Contrary to our expectations the process moves slowly. The next stage should be faster and fruitful. Turkish and Greek Cypriots are more willing for a solution than they were in the past.”

Pointing out that existence of natural gas resources is one of the factors triggering Cyprus negotiations process Minister Nami said: “Natural gas unites the route of Israel, Cyprus and Turkey. A dependency based on mutual benefit contributes to solution and peace. The way to safe and less costly transportation of natural gas from the region makes the solution of Cyprus problem indispensable. We should well evaluate this.”

Mentioning the issue of time during the solution process Foreign Minister Nami said: “Even the Greeks talk about 18 months in their official statements. We believe that a solution can be reached in a shorter period. We call our Greek Cypriot counterparts to help us in speeding the process without sticking to election calendars. Joint statement is a text supported by all political parties and the majority of NGOs in the Turkish Cypriot side.”