Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami stated that the Turkish Cypriot side’s desire was to reach a comprehensive settlement in Cyprus on the 50th anniversary of the Cyprus problem. Nami pointed out that following the resumption of the negotiations at leaders’ level in October and preparation of a comprehensive settlement plan until the end of this year, the plan could be explained to the people until March 2014 and the Cyprus problem could be finalized on its 50th anniversary.

Speaking at the General Assembly Meeting of the TRNC Parliament yesterday (3 October 2013), Foreign Minister Nami pointed out that the Cyprus problem, which has been continuing for 50 years, constituted an important problem for the country and the world has run out of patience with regard to this. Nami said in this context, the United Nations had taken some initiatives towards the solution of the Cyprus problem and there were developments that could not be disregarded by the Turkish Cypriot side.

Noting that the issues of Maraş (Varosha) and natural gas, which could make significant contribution to the solution of the Cyprus problem were still unsolved, Foreign Minister Nami said the reason that Maraş remained closed was the Greek Cypriot side’s “no” vote to the Annan plan. Nami also underlined that the reason for not resuming the negotiations, was the Greek Cypriot side’s preconditions.

Explaining some of these preconditions as; discussing the issue of Maraş before the start of the negotiations and negotiating some issues directly with Turkey, Foreign Minister Nami said if the Greek Cypriot side abandoned or moderated these policies, the negotiations could be promptly commenced.

Pointing out that the formula for the new negotiation process to give a rapid result was to maintain and improve the existing convergences, Nami emphasized that the Turkish Cypriot side desired the resumption of the negotiations as soon as possible. Expressing belief that a federal structure should be established in Cyprus, Nami said the Greek Cypriot side has also acknowledged this.