During his one day official visit in İstanbul, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami participated in a round table meeting at ‘Wise Men Center for Strategic Studies(BILGESAM) and gave information about the Cyprus problem and the current stage reached in Cyprus negotiations.
In his speech, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nami stressed that Cyprus problem is on the agenda of the United Nations for 50 years and 10 years passed after the referendum held for the Annan plan. In the current stage, there is an opportunity for a solution in Cyprus and it is considered to be the last chance to reach a settlement.
Moreover, stressing that Annan plan process was a turning point in terms of all actors and parties intervened in the Cyprus problem, FM Nami said that our hopes to reach a comprehensive solution in Cyprus became concrete during the Annan plan process. Cyprus problem and unfair isolations would be ended and we would unite with the world.
Nami pointed out that Turkish Cypriot side who voted 65 % ‘yes’ for the Annan plan was appreciated by the international community, formed a base to make important expansions but lifting of isolations imposed on the Turkish Cypriots which is very important to unite with the world has not been realized yet.
Adding that the issues of regional cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean and providing energy safety will be critical issues of the following process, Nami said that there is no doubt that increasing interest of international arena and US towards Cyprus problem is due to the energy potential. FM Nami stressed that the current opportunity should be evaluated in the most effective way towards reaching a settlement in Cyprus. In this context, current dynamics and the issues which affect Cyprus problem directly or indirectly should be discussed to open ways in order to reach a comprehensive solution in Cyprus.
Within the framework of his contacts, FM Nami visited İstanbul Consulate General of TRNC and had a lunch with all personnel. Nami also visited the Chief Editor of CNN Türk Ferhat Boratav at CNN Türk Center and gave information to Begüm Dönmez during a program about Cyprus negotiation process. Nami also attended NTV live program and gave information about the negotiation process.