Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami stressed that reaching a federal solution in Cyprus was their constant aim. Nami noted that in this context they offered a hand of friendship to their collocutors in the Greek Cypriot side.

A delegation from the Cyprus Turkish Civil Servants Trade Union (KTAMS) visited Foreign Minister Nami yesterday (4 November 2013).

Speaking during the visit, Chairman of the Union Ahmet Kaptan thanked Foreign Minister Nami ‘for taking an active role in the solution process’. Stating that what lied behind all the problems was the lack of a solution in Cyprus; Ahmet Kaptan said they wanted the Foreign Minister to take a more active role in the solution process.

For his part, Foreign Minister Nami pointed out that as one of the prominent unions of the country KTAMS, together with other unions and organizations, has also been in the forefront with regard to the solution process.

Noting that the Foreign Ministry would continue to work for reflecting all the efforts on  the solution process to the negotiation table, Foreign Minister Nami said: “I have the strong  will  to proceed on our way”.

Explaining that Cyprus negotiation process has recently entered into an important period, Nami reminded that the UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor Alexander Downer would pay an important visit to the island soon. Nami expressed desire for the settlement of the joint statement issue and the leaders’ meeting to be realized as soon as possible.

Calling upon his Greek Cypriot collocutors, Foreign Minister Nami said: “Let’s unite our island without further delay and pave the way for positive developments  not only for Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots  but for the  region as well. A new and different Cyprus is possible. It’s time to create this together. It’s even late. This limited window of opportunity as mentioned by the UN Secretary General should definitely be used positively and a new Cyprus should be created”.

Underlining that it was necessary to bring the two peoples in Cyprus closer to each other, Nami said this duty was not only belonged to the politicians, every person and organization would have to take important roles in the solution process.