Foreign Minister Nami received today the new Board of Directors of the North Cyprus Young Businessmen Association (YBA).

Mr. Ceyhun Tunalı, President of the YBA, stated the primary aim of their visit as introducing the new Board of Directors to Foreign Minister Özdil Nami, and obtaining information from Minister Nami on the recent developments pertaining to the Cyprus issue.

Tunalı expressed his gratitude to Foreign Minister Nami for bringing the economic dimension of North Cyprus to the agenda during his contacts abroad since his appointment, and for bringing our businesspeople together with those of other countries, particularly ones where we have Representation Offices. Tunalı also expressed his appreciation for the activities of the new unit established within the structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which aims to create job opportunities, and stated that during the meeting, ideas were exchanged on what can be done to further develop the relations between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the YBA.

Foreign Minister Nami stated that since the first day of his appointment as Minister, in addition to closely dealing with the Cyprus issue, he has been bringing the issue of the economy of the TRNC to the agenda of the international community during his visits abroad and that a unit has been established within the Ministry which aims to develop these relations by establishing lines of contact with economic organizations.

In this connection, Foreign Minister Nami provided information to the YBA Board of Directors regarding his meetings and contacts in European and Islamic countries during which, in addition to the Cyprus issue, he has brought up the issue of paving the way for the improvement of the economy of North Cyprus.

Nami also informed the YBA Board of Directors regarding the current stage of the Cyprus issue and the way in which the negotiation process is progressing, and expressed his readiness to continue cooperating with the professional realm, workers and NGOs.