Within the framework of his contacts in Germany, Foreign Minister Özdil Nami had an interview with German weekly newsmagazine ‘Der Spiegel’. The interview was published under the headline “Cyprus ‘a Historical Opportunity’ ”. During the interview, FM Nami evaluated his contacts in Germany and mentioned the Cyprus problem and the negotiation process in Cyprus.

“During the process of reunification, we demanded Germany’s support. Finally, Turkish and Greek Cypriots are ready for this step after 40 years so this should not fail. We are here for that purpose” Nami added.

Stressing that Germany can make positive contributions to the negotiation process, FM Nami said that Germans are powerful within the European Union and expert on the issues of reunification. Pointing out that Turkish Cypriots are not members of the European Union and live under isolations, Nami added: “Today, our university students can not participate in Erasmus and Socrates programs, our businessmen can not make direct agreements in the European Union countries and there is not any direct flight to the North Cyprus”.

Moreover, stating that compared to the EU countries, TRNC is less developed; FM Nami said that a special program is needed to reach the EU standards in the fields of infrastructure, administration and education.

Expressing that in case of reunification of the island, Europe’s dependency on Russia can be reduced due to the gas reservoirs around the island, FM Nami said “We can help Europe in this issue”.

Pointing out that the agreement can be ready to be signed within a few months, FM said “However, Greek Cypriots should act quicker”. As an answer to a question if there is a possibility for the failing of negotiations and the permanence of island’s division, Nami said “No one desires a two-state solution. What is really desired is a federal state structure. The necessary political will exists for this so now it is time to take further steps.”