The Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami who completed his US contacts stated that there were some other dynamics beside the natural resources which triggered the negotiation process in Cyprus.
FM Nami who met with authorities of the US Department of State, members of US Congress, House of Representatives and attended the activities of think tank organizations and gave interview to various media organizations in Washington and New York returned to the TRNC last night.

In his press conference organized at the Ercan Airport, FM Nami said that they found the opportunity to see high level interest of the US towards a solution in Cyprus and stressed that his contact with the authorities of National Security Council of White House was the first in terms of the Turkish Cypriots. ‘It was an extremely important development’ Mr. Nami added.

Moreover, expressing that the possible developments, regional problems and problems’ possible effects on Cyprus problem were discussed during the meetings, FM Nami said ‘We have seen on site the high level interest of Washington. We wish the International Community to show high level interest for Cyprus problem, to make contribution for a solution in Cyprus and to end the solution process with good result’.

Adding that during his contacts, US’s press showed great interest for the issue, FM Nami said that he gave interviews to various media organizations which published his interviews on front pages, and this is the sign of their high level interest.

Expressing that during his contacts with think tank organizations, the interest was on natural gas, Nami said ‘it has been observed clearly that the issue of natural gas will cause the issue of Cyprus problem to be on the top of US agenda’.

Referring to his meeting with Deputy of the UN Secretary General in New York, FM Nami stressed the high level interest of the UN and said that they discussed Downer’s laying down his office.

Referring also to the reaction of some Greek Cypriot parties for his US contacts, FM Nami said ‘ I feel deep sadness because we aim to serve a comprehensive solution with our contacts. It is desired that both sides open up to the world and demand support to reach a comprehensive solution in Cyprus’. In his speech, Nami thanked to all Washington and New York authorities for their contributions in their contacts. Stressing that US is ready to make active contribution for Cyprus issue, Nami said as an answer to a question regarding the difference between 2004 and the new negotiation process ‘ Each process has it’s own dynamic. The main dynamic of 2004 was the decision of European Union for enlargement. 10 years passed over 2004 and now, there are some other dynamics which trigger the process further. It is not right to degrade these dynamics into one factor. For example, it is not right to say that ‘the only reason is natural gas’ because there are some other reasons. We strongly believe that this process will come to a good end. We have seen that US also considers a big chance for success.