Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami received authorities of Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry, Turkish Cypriot Businessmen Association and Turkish Cypriot Young Businessmen Association in his office today.

In his reception, FM Nami informed the authorities of non-governmental organisations about the negotiation process. Nami stressed that views of non-governmental organisations are extremely important.

Pointing out that especially the joint statement is a big success, Nami reminded that the joint statement was supported by political parties, non-governmental organisations, chambers and religious leaders in both sides of the island.

Moreover, Nami stressed that if Greek Cypriots respected past convergences and considered the joint statement as a ground, it would be possible to reach a positive stage on Cyprus problem in a matter of months not years but at this stage, they not respect past convergences that’s why negotiation process is in difficulty.

Adding that they will work together with non-governmental organisations to improve the process, Nami said that he will also meet with Labor Organisations and Unions to inform them about the current negotiation process.