Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami received a delegation of Cyprus Turkish Businessmen Association (İŞAD) yesterday (7 November 2013). Speaking prior to the meeting, Foreign Minister Nami said: “We will do our utmost to send the Cyprus problem to the dusty pages of history”.

Foreign Minister Nami stated that clear determination put forward by the Cyprus Turkish Businessmen Association towards the solution of the Cyprus Problem and the recent joint statement made by the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce and their Greek Cypriot collocutors have clearly demonstrated that a comprehensive settlement should be realized without further delay. Drawing attention to the determining role of İŞAD in the past solution processes and its close relations with its counterparts in South Cyprus, Nami underlined that İŞAD, which was also a member of Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSİAD), was an important Association.

Nami pointed out that as ISAD also requested, the Foreign Ministry would play an active role and give the necessary support to the President in the current process.

Asked to comment on the recent agreement signed between Cyprus Turkish Football Association (KTFF) and Cyprus Football Association (CFA) in Zurich,Foreign Minister Nami said his point of view was parallel to statements of Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancıoğlu.

“In general, we look positively to cooperation (made on the international platform) between the associations and organizations of the two sides within the framework of equality”, said Nami, adding that they will reevaluate the issue after being informed by the President of the Cyprus Turkish Football Association Hasan Sertoğlu. Nami also reminded the statement of Sertoğlu to the effect that the articles of the agreement should be negotiated.

For his part, Chairman of the Cyprus Turkish Businessmen Association Metin Şadi read a letter including the views of the Association on the Cyprus issue.

In his letter, Şadi noted that the negotiations, which will start, should end in success and the Association was ready to take on responsibility. Şadi emphasized that they would support every step to be taken in the way of a solution.

Stating that a solution in Cyprus would play a key role for peace, as well as economic and political stability in the region, Şadi said the main reason behind the current social, economic and political problems experienced in both sides was the continuation of the Cyprus problem. He added that first this fact should be acknowledged.

Stressing that in the event of achieving a solution this would be for the benefit of all related parties, Şadi said they were carrying out concrete studies for contributing to the solution process.