Foreign Minister Özdil Nami is continuing his contacts in Tel-Aviv.

Within the framework of his Tel-Aviv contacts, Foreign Minister Özdil Nami participated today in a round-table meeting at the Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies of Tel Aviv University.

At the round-table meeting, Minister Nami provided information pertaining to the Cyprus issue and negotiation process, as well as the effects of the natural resources issue on the Cyprus issue.

Foreign Minister Özdil Nami also stated that, in the instance that a settlement in the form of a federation in line with UN parameters is reached, Federal Cyprus will become one of the safest and most attractive global locations for businesses.

Underlining that the unilateral decision of the Greek Cypriot side to withdraw from the negotiations constitutes a significant misfortune, Minister Nami indicated that the way to overcome the current impasse is clear and necessitates the return of the Greek Cypriot leadership to the negotiating table to engage in dialogue in order to overcome divergences on all issues, including the issue of hydrocarbons. Minister Nami also expressed that the Turkish Cypriot side is prepared to seriously focus on the negotiation process, to exchange views on how to move forward and to work together with the Greek Cypriot side towards this end.

Foreign Minister Nami also touched upon the impediments to a win-win situation, as well as the reasons behind the continuation of conflict, reminding that the Greek Cypriot side rejected the previously reached convergences between the two sides and abandoned the UN-led negotiations.

Minister Nami stated, “the recent discoveries of hydrocarbons off the shores of Cyprus, together with other findings in the region may, if we play our cards right, set into motion a series of events that will not only facilitate a comprehensive settlement to the 50 years old Cyprus issue but also result in increased trade, prosperity, interdependence and safety for all in the region” and emphasized the need for a new approach which will respect the rights and interests of all sides in order to achieve this.

Minister Nami pointed out that the positive steps to be taken can lead to cooperation in many fields, such as mutually benefitting from the undersea water supply project which aims to transfer drinking and irrigation water, as well as electricity from Turkey to Northern Cyprus.

Within the framework of his contacts, Foreign Minister Özdil Nami also gave an interview to Israel Channel 9 TV and Israel i24 TV.