Foreign Minister Özdil Nami expressed his expectation from the UN Security Council and the international community to take steps to lift the isolation and embargos, and stated “My primary expectation is for the Turkish Cypriot community to stop being punished by way of isolation and embargos, since it is the Turkish Cypriot side which said “yes” to a comprehensive settlement, which declared that it will respect the convergence papers and which placed its signature on the Joint Declaration of 11 February.”

Minister Nami, who assessed the recent developments in an interview with Yenidüzen newspaper, stated “It is high time for our lives to become normalized” and added “It is not the fault of the Turkish Cypriots that the island of Cyprus remains divided and has not achieved a settlement. They should stop making the Turkish Cypriots pay the price for this. The commencement of this process [of normalization] will inevitably have an awakening effect on the Greek Cypriot side”.

Stating that there is no reason for the Turkish Cypriots not to engage in trade with the EU and the rest of the world, Foreign Minister Nami indicated that mechanisms to remedy this situation can easily be found, that there are no legal impediments, and that the obstacles are purely political. Nami stated “They need to overcome these political obstacles that they have created themselves”.