Turkish Cypriot people traditionally have cultural, religious ties and trade relations with the Gulf States. The relations between the TRNC and the Gulf States have shown good progress especially within the last 10 years. In line with policies of our state, TRNC Representative offices have recently been established in addition to the United Arab Emirates, also in Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain.

With the establishment of these offices, TRNC envisages to develop further the current relations that already exist in the areas of trade, tourism, higher education, culture, sports and other fields of mutual interest.

TRNC realizes exports in dairy products, citrus fruits and livestock to the Gulf States. Turkish Cypriot businessmen, business and trade institutions and organisations participate in the fairs organised in the region to develop further relations. In addition, there are many students from the Gulf states who study in the universities of the TRNC.

The observer status of the TRNC with the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation is another platform which assists the formation and furthering of close ties with the member countries from the Gulf region. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the TRNC is working as a bridge to facilitate the cooperation and coordination between the various institutions and professional bodies of the TRNC and the Gulf States and welcomes all interest in these matters.