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The gathering of photographers of TURKSOY and 16th. International Altın Safran Documentary Film Festival was held between 5-11 October. In addition to the TRNC, 27 photographers from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Bashkortostan, Gagauzia, Kabardino balkaria, Turkey, Tatarystan, Moscov, Macedonia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Albania, Crimea, Iran Turks, Iraq Turkmens and Saha-Yakut attended the 12th Gathering of Photographers of TURKSOY.

The 16th International Altın Safran Documentary Film Festival of which the main theme is “Cultural Heritage and Protectionism” was held by Safranbolu Municipality with the support of Turkish Republic Culture and Tourism Ministry, Cinema General Directorate, Turkish Republic Prime Ministry Promotion Fund, Turkish World Municipality Union and TURKSOY.

Various activities such as panels, conversations, recitals and exhibitions took place at the festival which hosted the directors who excel in the documentary film sector in Turkey and in the world.  55 documentary films took part in the competition.

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